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About the author...

I start each day with a cup of coffee, a blinking cursor and one-way ticket to anywhere.


Okay, so that only happened once. But I sure hope to make a habit of it.

My name is Coral (like the reef) and I am a writer/creative/person extraordinaire.

I can often be found radiating positive shit, doing something spontaneous, sipping on my third cup of coffee or binge watching Friends for the 187th time. Road trips fuel my fire and doing things for fun light me up. I believe in laughter, lots of compliments and living life to the fullest. I'm a small town Iowa girl who's wandered the world - quite literally - for the past decade. And I've only just begun.


I aim to entertain, desire to inspire and hope that my journey enlightens you with laughter along the way.

If you'd like to collaborate with me or just chat over coffee - let me know on Insta!

Camp Climb, Iowa 2019
Dublin, Ireland 2019