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Big dreams. Gypsy soul.

And the on-going urge to travel, exlpore, roam and wander.



I've moved over 20 times.

Lived in four states: IA, TN, CO and WY.

Traveled out of the country twice: Saipan and Chile.

And put 325,000+ miles on my tiny 1997 Toyota Corolla aka Yoti.


There's nothing I love more than cruisin' with the windows down, music up, and an open road for as far as the eye can see. I live for the open road because that's truly where I feel most at h o m e.


Which is why I'm going to build a THOW (tiny house on wheels).


So my home will l i t e r a l l y be on the open road. And I couldn't be more ready to have a space to call my own. A space to travel and explore and roam and wander; while still having a place to call home. A space to be me.


Stay tuned to this little section because after August 9th, it's gonna

a whole lot more action!...just like my bed. 


K-I-D-D-I-N-G y'all. .....not...

 Future Endeavors 

I'm just a small town Iowa girl with a degree in Communications, a minor in Spanish, a background in radio and theatre, a passion for country music and a lust for adventure and a whopping load of life experiences.


So where does all of this lead me?

Hopefully to a life full of happiness. And money. Lots and lots of money.


Here are a few things I would like to do/have/be when I grow up (in no particular order):


-best friends with Amy Poehler

-an SNL writer/actor/live viewer

-Conan O'Brien's intern/sidekick/ginger baby

-a coffee shop owner

-a mobile coffee shop owner

-complete everything I've ever Pinned

-an indie film documenter/actor

-a tour guide at Universal Studios

-a tour guide for the United States

-a tour guide for Iowa

-a piano player at the mall

-Jimmy Fallon's sidekick/intern/coffee-getter

-a professional comedian

-a professional jingle writer/performer

-a record player owner

-Keith Urban's combist (i.e. I comb his hair)

-a writer, like for real

-an author of many books

-a late night TV host

-a world traveler

-a poet

-an actress

-a concert creator

-a color runner

-a person who makes the white lines in the middle of the road

-Miranda Lambert's back-up singer/personal assistant/best friend

-owner of a tiny home

-owner of a tiny home community

-owner of a tiny home community of hostels

-a karaoke bar owner

-a mobile karaoke bar owner

-a motivational speaker

-Eric Church...anything that has to do with Eric Church...really

-a positivity influencer

-a husky owner

-a vlogger/youtuber/famous for being me-er